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The is not an exhaustive list of those serving in the Wyoming District. If you have any questions about who to contact, or if you would like contact information for others not on this list, please call the District Office. The LCMS online directory can also be used to locate churches, schools and church workers in the Wyoming district and throughout the LCMS. 

District Office
2400 Hickory Street
Casper, WY  82604
(307) 265-9000  |  (307) 234-6629 (fax)
District President   Rev. John E. Hill
District Business Manager/LCEF   Mr. Jeffrey Snyder
Administrative Secretary   Mrs. Mary Grant
Board of Directors
President   Rev. John E. Hill
First Vice-President   Rev. Richard Neugebauer
Second Vice-President   Rev. Mark Maas
Third Vice-President   Rev. Daniel Mulholland
Secretary   Rev. Ken Mars
Treasurer   Mr. Walter Brantz
Pastor-at-Large   Rev. Peter Bertram
Commissioned Minister   Mr. Steve Coniglio
Lay Member   Mr. Lee Miller
Lay Member   Mr. Mike Wendorf
Circuit Visitors  
Chimney Rock #1   Rev. Allen Strawn
Pine Ridge #2   Rev. Richard Mueller
Powder River #3   Rev. Jared Tucher
Yellowstone #4   Rev. Jais Tinglung
Headwaters #5   Rev. David Bott
High Plains #6   Rev. Lincoln Winter

Commission on Mission Services
Chairman   Rev. Scott Firminhac
Chairman-Elect   Rev. Jim Martin
Campus Missions   Mr. Chuck Hall
Ethnic Missions   Rev. Vernon Boehlke
Missions Development   Rev. Allan Wierschke
Missions Support   Rev. Ted Bourret
Advisor   Rev. Richard Neugebauer
Commission on Congregational Services
Chairman   Rev. Brad Heinecke
Chairman-Elect   Rev. Ken Humphrey
Life Issues Coordinator   Rev. Jonathan Lange
Adult Ministry/Leadership   Mr. Tim Lindahl
Evangelism/Tell the Good News Convocation   Rev. Travis Sherman
Human Care/Family/Life   Mrs. Bonnie Wacker
LCEF   Mr. Jeffrey Snyder
Stewardship   Rev. Joshua Scheer
Student Aid & Recruitment   Rev. Richard Mueller
Youth/Outdoor Ministry   Rev. James Rockhill
Advisor   Rev. Mark Maas
Commission on Ecclesiastical Services    
Commission Chairman   Rev. Marvin Temme
District Archivist

Mrs. Tera Rice
Communications Chairman   Rev. Kenneth Humphrey
Constitutions Chairman   Rev. Mark Maas
Education Chairman   Rev. Paul Cain
Ministerial Growth & Support Chairman   Rev. Terry Wiley
Reconcilers Chairman   Rev. Darren Pflughoeft
Worship Chairman   Rev. Jeffery Grams
District Legal Counsel

Mr. Larry Harrington
Memorial Librarian

Mr. Ken Temme
LLL District President   Mr. Mark Williams
LWML District President   Mrs. Danyne Six
Pastoral Conference Chairman
Rev. Jared Tucher
Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ Representative

Mr. Ed Steele
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