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Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit


“Amen” Cadences for use with Lutheran Service Book

(Public Domain, Courtesy of the former LCMS Commission on Worship)


2007 Thirteen-Week Prayer List of Wyoming District Congregations


The Unchanging Feast     Lutheran Worship: 2000 and Beyond

by the Rev. Dr. A. L. Barry, late President of the LCMS


Reflections on Contemporary/Alternative Worship

by a previous LCMS Commission on Worship


Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit


 Lutheran Worship Notes


Worship: A Lutheran Perspective

Digitized by Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit of the Wyoming District LCMS (2008)

by permission of Concordia Publishing House (06/27/07)

and the LCMS Commission on Worship (10/05/07)


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(Originally published Summer, Fall/Winter, Spring)



Fred L. Precht

Rodney Schrank

Barry L. Bobb

James L. Brauer

William H. Otte

Gregory Wismar

David A. Johnson

Paul J. Grime

Jon D. Vieker


Original Design/Layout

Melissa Jarnagin


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Lutheran Worship Notes (Complete)


Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit


 Worship Word of the Week


In this booklet you will find twenty-one short explanations of each step in the Divine Service. Included in each explanation is a short history of the origin of that portion of the worship service, the purpose it serves, the liturgical practice involved in this section of the worship service, and the connection you can make throughout the remainder of the week with Luther’s Small Catechism and the hymnal. For those congregations using  Lutheran Service Book, Luther’s Small Catechism is found on pages 321-330.

The Wyoming Worship Committee [1997] greatly thanks the Worship Committee of the Iowa District East [1997] for the idea and their examples, upon which these inserts are modeled, modified and expanded. Even though these inserts are not copyrighted in and of themselves, some material referred to in them is. In keeping with the letter and spirit of the Seventh Commandment, please observe proper copyright laws and give credit where credit is due. Below are sources that were used in this project and/or are recommended as further resources for history, use and information concerning the Divine Service.

Originally prepared by Pastor Mark Maas, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Pastor Shawn Kumm, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Laramie, Wyoming using the following resources:

Introduction to Christian Worship. James F. White. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1980.

Lutheran Worship, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1982.

Lutheran Worship: Altar Book. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1982.

Lutheran Worship: History and  Practice. Edited by Fred L. Precht. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1993.

The Lutheran Hymnal. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941.

The Lutheran Liturgy. Luther Reed. Philadelphia: Mulhenberg Press, 1947.

The New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship. Edited by J. G. Davies. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1986.

Meaningful Worship: A Guide to the Lutheran Service. James L. Brauer. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1994.

 Gently updated for use with Lutheran Service Book in 2008.


+ In Memoriam +

The Reverend Barclay Brown

Former Chairman of the Wyoming District Worship Committee

7 April 193420 June 1997



1997 Original

 Worship Word of the Week (TLH/LW)


New 2008 Booklet

Worship Words



2008 Update

Worship Word of the Week (Lutheran Service Book)


Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit

Occasional Papers


Published by the Wyoming District (LCMS)


II: Your Neighbor & Closed Communion

The Rev. Dr. Ronald Garwood, Former Wyoming District President


I: A View from the Pew

  Dr. Beverly Yahnke


Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit

in the Church of the Augsburg Confession

The Wyoming District (LCMS) Worship Newsletter



This Newsletter has been superceded by LHP Quarterly Book Review


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Liturgy, Hymnody, & Pulpit

Quarterly Book Review


Published by the Wyoming District (LCMS)

The Rev. Paul J Cain, Editor


Liturgy, Hymnody, and Pulpit began as a newsletter to pastors, musicians, and laypeople in the Wyoming District of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod from our Worship Chairman to ease the transition from The Lutheran Hymnal, Lutheran Worship, and Hymnal Supplement 98 to Lutheran Service Book. Early on, we recommended books, CDs, and music. Those recommendations eventually became book reviews.

In Advent 2006, LHP Quarterly Book Review was born. In our first three years, we published 600 pages of book reviews and reviews of other resources, sermons, articles, and editorials.

Our archives are available as downloadable pdf files.

Beginning with Volume 4, LHP QBR switched to a blog format instead. As part of the transition, we did make available a pdf file of all our original content and forwarded posts.

Since adopting the blog format, we have been able to forward interesting posts from other blogs for your consideration and reflection.

In response to an expressed need, we now have two sub blogs that both feed into Liturgy, Hymnody, and Pulpit Quarterly Book Review.

The content of http://LHPQBR.blogspot.com should appear to remain the same.

Readers that wish to receive only our forwards can now also go to http://lhpfwd.blogspot.com/.

Readers that wish to only receive our original book and resource reviews and be notified of new resources that we have received may go to http://lhplbr.blogspot.com/, the LHP Lutheran Book Review blog.

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