Fathers & Sons Retreat


When: July 28-30, 2023
WhereAllen H. Stewart Lions Camp (Casper Mountain, WY)
Speaker: Pr. David Petersen
Topic: Four Flawed Judges – One Gracious God

Whereas the biblical record records the ordinary world, ancient mythologies celebrate characters like Achilles and half-gods like Hercules. Hollywood and most modern adventure also favor those sorts of characters. Consider, just for a moment, the characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. The Bible is not fantasy. It presents history. It is the story of ordinary, flawed people. Moses is a murderer. He sometimes throws temper tantrums. David betrays his own family and army. Peter, James, and John are too weak to stay awake. Yet God bestows His Spirit upon these people and they display real but heroic faith. In this regard there are perhaps no more interesting, flawed, or complicated characters in all of Scripture than the judges Ehud, Barak, Jephthah, and Samson. Our retreat will take a hard look at these difficult accounts to discover the virtue of faith and manliness and God’s promises for it. 

Cost:  $125

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Registration Deadline:  7/21/2023

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