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Tell the Good News about Jesus Convocation


When: February 11-12, 2022
Where: Ramkota, Casper
Topic: Identity and Creation: 21st Century Problems, 1st Century Solutions

The church faces heightened opposition to its gospel message and its way of life. In our families, our congregations, and our nation, former certainties about who men and women are, what a family is, and what freedom the church has from the state all face vehement challenges. None of this is unprecedented, and the earliest Christians faced similar trials. How did they withstand these assaults and prevail through Christ? We will look at the opposition to the church in the Book and Acts to understand what we face now that they faced then and how we can proclaim the gospel to every creature despite every difficulty now as they did then.

Cost  (Includes Banquet):
Family of 3 or more:   $120
Individual adult or child (10 and up):  $45 
College students:  $25

Registration Deadline:  2/4/2022

Wyoming District – LCMS
2400 Hickory St.
Casper, WY 82604

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